Will stock market crash in 2023? Actions one should take with a stock market crash

Keep Calm and Spot Opportunities

Stock market crashes can create openings for long-term investors. Smart moves to make if the FTSE 100 crashes.

Identify Oversold Sectors

Certain sectors may fall more than others. Research to find sectors that seem oversold and could rebound.

Target Dividend Stocks

Quality dividend stocks can provide income and upside. Focus on firms with safe payouts that get cheaper.

Average Down Holdings

Lower your cost basis by averaging down on stocks you still believe in long-term. Reduce risk.

Keep Cash Ready

Don't invest all spare cash at once. Keep some to take advantage of further declines.

Ignore Media Noise

Don't panic sell. Have conviction in your research and plan.

Stay Diversified

While buying dips in stocks, maintain diversity across sectors and assets.

Review Fundamentals

Don't just buy on price. Make sure underlying business fundamentals are strong.

Take Long View

Make choices thinking 5-10 years out. Market will recover from a crash.

Make a Shopping List

Create a watchlist of quality companies to buy at the right price. Be ready.