Josh Jacobs contract issues what triggered it?

Here are the top 12 ugliest holdouts in NFL history:

Duane Thomas, Cowboys (1971) - His holdout caused controversy, but he excelled on the field.

Eric Dickerson, Rams (1985) - Contract issues strained his relationship with the team.

Kelly Stouffer, Cardinals (1987) - His holdout led to a trade to Seattle.

Le'Veon Bell, Steelers (2018) - Bell skipped the entire season, leading to his departure from Pittsburgh.

Bo Jackson, Raiders (1986) - He refused to play for the Buccaneers and pursued baseball instead.

John Riggins, Washington (1980) - Riggins' holdout resulted in a Super Bowl victory upon his return.

Cornelius Bennett, Colts (1987) - His holdout led to a trade to Buffalo and a successful career.

Fred Dean, 49ers (1984) - His holdout ended with a trade to San Francisco and a Super Bowl win.

Emmitt Smith, Cowboys (1993) - After a holdout, Smith helped the Cowboys win another Super Bowl.

Darrelle Revis, Jets (2010) - His holdout ended with a lucrative contract.

Earl Thomas, Seahawks (2018) - Thomas suffered a broken leg after holding out, affecting his free agency value.

John Hannah, Patriots (1977) - Hannah's holdout eventually led to a new contract and continued success.

– Saquon Barkley agreed to a new one-year contract with the Giants to avoid a holdout. – The current holdouts in 2023 are still in their early stages, and both sides hope to reach a resolution. – Contract disputes have been a recurring issue in the NFL, with some cases leading to strained relationships between players and teams. – Holdouts can impact a player's career, and teams may face challenges when key players miss training camp and regular-season games. – The negotiation process between players and teams can be intense, with both parties striving to secure favorable terms. – Some past holdouts have resulted in successful outcomes for players, while others have caused controversy and regret. – The history of holdouts in the NFL reflects the complexities of player-team relations and the financial aspects of the game. – Each holdout case is unique, and the ultimate resolution depends on various factors, including player performance and team needs.