From the White House to the waves, Tafari Campbell - a culinary legacy that left us too soon.

Tafari Campbell previously worked as a chef for President George W. Bush before joining the White House under the Obamas.

He was known for his culinary talents and was part of the team that brewed the White House Honey Brown Beer using honey from Michelle Obama's South Yard bee colony.

Campbell's culinary skills and personality impressed the Obamas, and they asked him to stay on after they left the White House.

He worked under Cristeta Comerford, the first woman and first Asian White House executive chef, during both the Bush and Obama administrations.

Tafari Campbell's tragic accident occurred while paddleboarding on Martha's Vineyard, resulting in his untimely death.

The Obamas released a statement expressing their deep sorrow and referred to Campbell as a "part of our loved ones" and a talented and passionate chef.

Campbell's wife, Sherise, owns a bakery and catering service called Sweet Sage Baking and Catering in northern Virginia and the Washington D.C. area.

Campbell shared his culinary creations on his Instagram account called "Thymeless Manifestations," showcasing dishes such as Mayan chicken and peach desserts.