Secret Invasion: 4

Brave Expectations for the MCU Series’ End

Despite the fact that there are two episodes left, Secret Invasion has enough room in its last installment to complete its landing. While Loki and WandaVision delivered satisfactory endings to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law or Ms. Marvel might falter. In any event, MCU fans should keep a watch on these audacious predictions to see whether they come true in the coming weeks.
Secret Invasion

However, a different actor at the time was cast in their place. A select few individuals, including James Rhodes, have been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the release of the first Iron Man movie in 2008. Scarlett All has not endorsed their viewpoint, thus this does not imply that she has. Whatever had happened to him was unknown at the time.

There is hope that the conclusion of the Secret Invasion event, which involves shedding light on the circumstances behind Rhodes’ capture by the Skrulls, would give this issue greater attention. Additionally, the last episode ought to emphasize Rhodes’ presence, particularly in relation to the Armor Wars. One thing is clear, though: the Rhodes we will next meet will be angry as a result of all that transpired with the Skrulls.

Nick Fury and the US administration are once more on friendly terms.

Fury’s apparent involvement in the attack in Moscow not only damaged his reputation with the federal government but also attracted interest from numerous European nations. As a result, in Episode 2, the Skrull pretending to be James Rhodes ended Fury’s active duty and cut all of his links to the government.

A key assumption regarding the outcome of Secret Invasion is that Fury would be acquitted of all charges and have his reputation restored. Fury is shown at the SABER space station, possibly in charge of the entire operation, as seen in The Marvels video. By connecting the dots, it looks that the former SHIELD director is trying to restore his reputation after the Skrulls in this MCU series damaged it.

President Ritsen will he pass away or be replaced?

President Ritsen is presented as the ruler of the independent globe during the events of the Secret Invasion, while Rhodes works as his close friend and valued counselor. Fury was hiding out as a Russian when we last saw him, defending himself and his people from Gravik. There are just two episodes left, therefore it’s quite likely that either Gravik or another Skrull will be able to murder him, or he’ll be removed from office.

This has turned out to be accurate since Marvel has revealed that Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross, who appears in Captain America: Brave New World, will take office as President. Considering that little point, Ritsen cannot legitimately take over as leader of the Free World after Secret Invasion on Disney+ is over.

Future MCU productions will heavily include Skrulls.

Talos acknowledges that there are around 10 million Skrulls residing on Earth in Secret Invasion Episode 2. This information shocks Fury since the impact of such a sizable alien population might be harmful to everyone concerned.

The truth is that even though Secret Invasion may end with Gravik’s demise and Fury’s triumph, much work will still need to be done to stop the Skrulls from resuming their hostile behavior or to help them find shelter in other worlds. In any event, the conclusion of this series could give a few of these aliens permission to keep showing up in future MCU ventures. It’s not hard to picture them appearing in Phases 5, 6, or beyond, especially under Fury’s direction and working with S.W.O.R.D., as seen in The Marvels.

Before Secret Invasion on Disney+ comes to a conclusion, there are still two episodes left. Follow Clutchpoint Entertainment to find out how this MCU series ends and whether any of these audacious predictions come true.